New Dentist Techniques

The field of dentistry practice has advanced thanks to the introduction of technology. Various developments have been put in place to cater for the increasing needs of patients. The teeth problems of most individuals require detailed dental procedures which are well handled by these advanced techniques from experienced family dentist Some of the recent advances in dental practice include the following:

Use of lasers to detect tooth cavity

An instrument referred to as explorer was greatly used in the past to help in detection of teeth cavities. The dentist poked the gadget around the mouth several times during dental check-ups. The explorer in most cases stuck in the tooth which has some decay. The tooth would then be treated to eliminate the decay. A more recent instrument has been devised which detects and remove the cavities as well. It is known as diode laser. This instrument has proven to be more effective compared to the explorer. It determines the level of decay of the tooth. Decayed tooth pose a higher reading since it glows when exposed to the laser’s wavelength. For healthy teeth, they do not glow hence low reading on the laser.

Better filling and bonding materials

Dental fillings are commonly used in the dental field currently. They are basically used in restoring the appearance of the teeth. Porcelain fillings are being used more compared to amalgam fillings that were used in the earlier times. Bonding materials have been improved as well. Currently, resin is the commonly used bonding material. This substance is placed on the surface of the teeth to provide bond and repair the teeth. Durability of this substance is the major reason this material is being preferred over the other bonding materials.

Improvised dental implants

Dental implants have more added advantages when compared to dentures Recent dental implants have a life span of approximately fifteen years. Research has shown that they are safe for use by human beings. Dental implants act as replacement for tooth rots. They are inserted on the jaw and gum. They provide a stronger foundation for both permanent and temporal fixed teeth. The cosmetic dentist should observe great care to ensure that the implants match with the natural teeth of the patient.

High tech X-rays

In the earlier times, traditional radiographs were used greatly. These radiographs have become outdated and have been replaced by digital x-rays. High tech x-rays are quicker and efficient. These x-rays can be used in dental procedures such as dental implants. They have an electronic sensor which is used in capturing the required image of the mouth of a patient. These digital image is then scanned and observed using a computer. These images are used in determining the dental health of a person by comparing past scanned images which had been stored. The electronic sensor reduces radiation since it is more sensitive to X-rays compared to film.

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