Breast cancer claims the lives of thousands of women and men each year in this country. The mission of Breast Cancer Focus, Inc. is to forge a cohesive team as a catalyst for obtaining funds to support advocacy, education, research and compassionate giving in Alaska and to help eradicate breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Focus, Inc. (BCFI) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation established under the laws of the state of Alaska. BCFI was formed to provide a forum for fundraising for local breast cancer education, research, advocacy and compassionate giving. In forming this corporation, it was the wish of the originators that BCFI not duplicate services that other organizations in Alaska were currently undertaking. The focus is to raise funds to support the activities of Alaskan organizations whose goals coincide with those of this corporation. BCFI annually awards grants to organizations and individuals who meet published criteria for projects addressing breast cancer education, research, awareness and compassionate giving.

Breast Cancer Focus, Inc. (BCFI) annually hosts a fundraising luncheon that features a nationally recognized keynote speaker who is proactive in raising awareness and/or sharing the most current information about breast cancer. Over the past seventeen years, the BCFI luncheon has and other fundraising activities have allowed BCFI to distribute over $1,000,000 to organizations in Alaska working to provide education, research and advocacy in the battle against breast cancer.

BCFI presents free educational seminars with topics chosen to reflect the latest information on the status of the detection and treatment of breast cancer. The seminars, held in conjunction with the luncheon, provide an opportunity to join together, share knowledge and take action in the fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Focus, Inc. is governed by a volunteer board of directors. BCFI has no paid staff and all funds raised go to support projects in Alaska. BCFI functions and success are the result of efforts of a large number of dedicated community volunteers.

BCFI funded nine grants through our annual grant process in 2010. The grants (briefly described below) totaled $180,516 the largest amount BCFI has ever been able to provide to Alaskan organizations thanks in large part to the extraordinary gift provided by the Alaska Aces as a result of the October 2009 Paint the Rink Pink event. While focused on breast cancer, the majority of the projects funded address all cancers without discrimination.